Monday, February 6, 2017

Global Dealers, Global Reach

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Things may look a little different around here, and we're pretty excited about it. With the launch of our brand new website, we'll be able to continue our relentless efforts to provide an optimized platform that matches dealers with cars around the globe.

You can expect to see some changes, updates, exciting new features and innovative inventory capabilities showing up over the next couple of months. As we work with partners around the world to continue to integrate and provide the most comprehensive inventory in the global marketplace, we'll be tweaking a few things on our end, too. As always, our customers are what makes us tick - so keep an eye out for features designed to make your Global Dealer Exchange experience even smoother.

Take a look around our new site and get to know us. When you're ready to make purchasing vehicles for your dealership easier than ever before, start here.

Global Dealers, Global Reach